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Attendee Guidelines

Hello Attendees! Thank you for being a part of this incredible event on April 19-21st, 2024. This document provides general guidelines for having a successful Summit.

Action Items

Join Mighty Networks

Accept this invitation to join our Mighty Neworks Community here. Upon joining, you will have access to the Ed3 Futures Summit Help Channel. This is our primary source of communication for the event, particularly while it’s in progress.

Tell Your Friends

Celebrate with your network that you are a registered attendee! Access a personalizable Canva social media template here.

General Information

Joining the Space

The morning of Day 1 (April 19th), you will receive an email with the connection link. When the connection link is clicked, this will take you to Zep. Please create a Zep account (free) and use the email address used for your ticket purchase. Then, click to enter the "Ed3 Futures Summit" virtual space.

Device Requirements

While Zep, our virtual conference platform, will work on mobile devices a laptop or desktop computer is recommended for the best experience. Ensure that only two browser tabs are open (The Mighty Networks Summit channel and Zep). Make sure unnecessary applications are not running in the background. This will cause issues with your conference experience. See Zep’s beginners guide here:

Browser Permissions

When you first use Zep you will need to adjust your browser settings to allow use of your camera and microphone; give yourself plenty of time to do this before conference time!

Recording/Screen Capture

All Ed3 Futures participants are encouraged to share their experiences via social media. Please assume anyone can record/capture moments at any time, similar to real-life conferences.

Camera Options

Please test your camera, microphone, and have your device plugged in/charging during the event. The avatar platform can use more battery power when you are navigating the conference with your camera on.

How Zep Works

Dress Your Avatar

Upon clicking on the conference access link and signing in, you will be prompted to dress your avatar. Please feel free to choose your own unique outfit. The helpful prompts provided by Zep will guide you through this process. Want Zep to remember your avatar? Create a free account with them. If not, you will be asked to redress each visit.


A helpful orientation space is provided to you as soon as you enter the Ed3 Futures Summit. Here, you can practice using your keyboard, camera, chat and microphone options. Here’s what that space looks like:

Screenshot 2024-04-16 131045.png

Interactions Guidelines

  • Please give other avatar attendees personal space.

  • Attendee names will appear above avatars. It’s tough to tell who people are if they are sitting on each other. Also, it’s a proactive way to demonstrate respectful communication.

  • Move close to attendees to hear them speak and to see their camera/real faces if they have their camera activated.

Interactions: Masterminds

Please sit in the designated audience area. If a Q&A session will occur, stand on the microphone at the foot of the stage to be heard (see screenshot).

Screenshot 2024-04-16 131024.png

Interactions: Learning Labs

Please sit on the carpet to engage in the presentation. If a presenter is using the breakout tables, follow their directions to enter those spaces (see screenshot).

Screenshot 2024-04-16 131006.png
Copy of Multi_blox_large.png

Have fun and see you in the Ed3verse!

  • When and where will the Summit take place?
    The Summit will be held online from April 19 - 21st, 2024. You can join from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.
  • I am an Ed3 NFT holder. Where do I get my ticket?
    As a veteran supporter of Ed3 DAO, you're welcome to a complimentary ticket. Please head to this page to get your discount code.
  • Will the sessions be recorded?
    This conference is held in a virtual space with free moving avatars, which makes recording difficult. You'll just have to be there!
  • How can I become a sponsor or a vendor at the the Summit?
    If you're interested in partnering with us as a sponsor or vendor, please fill out our sponsor & vendor inquiry form.
  • What is the Ed3 Futures Summit?
    The Ed3 Futures Summit is an online conference focusing on the future of education with AI and Web3. It brings together educators, technologists, and innovators to explore transformative learning and teaching methods.
  • What topics will be covered at the Summit?
    We'll cover a range of topics including AI in education, blockchain and credentialing, future trends in EdTech, and the impact of Web3 on educational platforms. More info here.
  • Who can I contact for more information or assistance?
    For more information on the event, assistance in purchasing a ticket, sponsorship opportunities, or any help with the event, please contact
  • How can I become a speaker at the Summit?
    If you're interested in speaking at the Summit, please fill out our speaker application form on the website. We welcome proposals on topics relevant to AI and Web3 in education.
  • What are the technical requirements to attend the Summit?
    You'll need internet connection and a computer. You can access the space with mobile devices as well, but it's best experienced with a computer.
  • What types of activities can I do as an avatar?
    You will be able to move freely as an avatar through our space, exploring every activity available including Edtalks, Masterminds, Learning Labs, Hackathons, Tools Exploration, viewing the AI Art Gallery, and engaging in the unconference. More details here.
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