April 19 - 21st, 2024

Ed3 Futures: Transforming Education with AI and Web3 Summit

A unique global conference set in a metaverse environment, with practical applications for redefining education with cutting edge technology.


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Delve into AI-driven educational experiences at Ed3 Futures. Here, you'll explore the transformative power of technology in learning. Discover how AI is reshaping the educational landscape, offering personalized, adaptive, and more effective ways of learning that cater to each student's unique needs and potential.

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Uncover the innovative strategies and tools in Web3 that are reshaping the art and science of teaching. Our summit brings to light how blockchain technology and decentralized platforms are providing new avenues for curriculum delivery, student engagement, and educational resource management, setting new standards in the teaching profession.

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Learn how AI and Web3 are revolutionizing the workplace at Ed3 Futures. Engage with thought leaders discussing how these technologies are redefining collaboration, reshaping compensation models, and forming new paradigms of ownership. Witness the formation of an adaptive, tech-driven professional landscape that responds to the evolving demands of the digital age.

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Join a global movement at Ed3 Futures, where educators come together to build strong, collaborative communities centered around Web3 education. Engage in meaningful dialogues on how decentralized technologies can create more inclusive, connected, and resourceful educational ecosystems, breaking down traditional barriers in education.

Shaping Tomorrow's Education Today

Ed3 Futures is the conference where today’s education leaps into tomorrow. It’s a hub for emerging technology enthusiasts shaping learning, teaching, and community. Dive into discussions, hands-on experiences, and collaborative sessions that drive diverse and empowering educational futures.

2024 Speaker Lineup Coming Soon!

Stay tuned as we soon unveil our 2024 Ed3 Futures Summit speakers, each a trailblazer in AI and Web3 technology. As we prepare for our roster, check out our 2023 lineup, who set the stage for this year’s innovative journey.

Speaker Application

Anand Padmanabhan


Fordham University

Murewa Olubela

CoFounder & CBO


Vriti Saraf

CEO & Founder

k20 Educators, Ed3 DAO

Maxwell Kanter

Talent Lead


Claire Zau

Vice President

GSV Ventures

Dr. Temanté Leary

Instructional Designer


Dr. Kelly Page

Director of Learning & Employment Innovations

Digital Promise

Zoe Stekkel

Founder and Social Media

Community Manager

Debbie Soon



Sumeet Chugani

Associate General Counsel


Taylor Kendal


Learning Economy Foundation

Nate McClennen

VP of Education and Innovation

Getting Smart

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Ed3 Futures Summit?


The Ed3 Futures Summit is an online conference focusing on the future of education with AI and Web3. It brings together educators, technologists, and innovators to explore transformative learning and teaching methods.

2. When and where will the Summit take place?


The Summit will be held online from April 19 - 21st, 2024. You can join from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

3. How can I attend the Ed3 Futures Summit?


Attend the Summit by purchasing a ticket on our website. Upon registration, you'll receive details on how to access our virtual event platform.

4. What topics will be covered at the Summit?


We'll cover a range of topics including AI in education, blockchain and credentialing, future trends in EdTech, and the impact of Web3 on educational platforms.

5. Are there different ticket types available?


There are multiple ticket types to choose from. Early bird tickets will be available until March 2024, after which, we’ll move up a tier in pricing. Bundles are also available for bigger groups, specifically the Educator Group for 5 tickets, and Corporate Training Group bundles for 10.

6. Will the sessions be recorded?


This conference is held in a virtual space with free moving avatars, which makes recording difficult. Only EdTalk sessions will be recorded.

7. How can I become a speaker at the Summit?


If you're interested in speaking at the Summit, please fill out our speaker application form on the website. We welcome proposals on topics relevant to AI and Web3 in education.

8. Are there opportunities for networking during the Summit?


Absolutely! The Summit includes virtual networking sessions, interactive workshops, and discussion forums to connect with peers and experts.

9. What are the technical requirements to attend the Summit?


You'll need a stable internet connection and a device capable of streaming video and audio. We recommend using a laptop or desktop computer for the best experience.

11. Who can I contact for more information or assistance?


For more information on the event, assistance in purchasing a ticket, sponsorship opportunities, or any help with the event, please contact jessie@ed3dao.com.